Here is Thracian Cleaners’ carpet cleaning services list:

  •     Dry carpet cleaning
  •     Hot water extraction
  •     Spot and stain removal
  •     Mattress cleaning
  •     Rug cleaning

Book us and you receive low prices and efficient, high-quality services!


  •     Single bedroom   £20.00
  •     Double bedroom   £25.00
  •     Hallway    £15.00
  •     Staircase (up to 12 steps) £18.00
  •     Landing    £6.00
  •     Bathroom    £5.00
  •     Rug (small)    £15.00
  •     Rug (large)   £25.00

Congestion charge and parking fees may apply.

How We Can Help

Thracian Cleaners knows how hard it is to keep your carpet looking new for longer time, if not using professional cleaning services. We combine our long-time experience with the latest innovations techniques and carpet cleaning equipment for perfect results.

No matter if you have stained the carpet and you can not make the stain go away, or you just need us to thoroughly clean it, count on us. We can prolong the life of your carpet and make the colours brighter. We know that carpets easily get worn out, no matter how frequently you vacuum them, especially in the traffic zones of the home.

Our hard-working professional carpet cleaners will really meet your highest expectations. You can rely on a high-quality, efficient service, low prices and loyalty!

Call 020 7060 3805 to book our services, or inquire more information.

What Areas

Look for our carpet cleaning services in the following areas as well:

Local Hammersmith Info

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Life here is dynamic, active, constantly changing. There are a lot of office buildings, which take place mainly in the eastern part. There are also plenty of organizations offering property and real estate management.

Some places of interest in Hammersmith are the Riverside Studios, the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, and the Hammersmith Apollo concert hall and theatre. In addition to the active, fast-changing life and the offices in the area, there are a lot of pubs, nightclubs and restaurants that make the night-life in the area never-stopping, exciting and interesting. The largest park in the area is the Ravenscourt Park, providing a tennis court, a basketball court, a bowling lawn, a pool and some playgrounds.

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