Book a Carpet Cleaning in Sydenham SE26 with Thracian Cleaners

Expensive detergents, new carpets or cleaning the old ones by yourself are not the right choice. Instead call Thracian Cleaners on 020 7060 3805 and save money & time!

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Updated Prices

*Please note there is a minimum of £50.00. For more information please contact our office.

Why Book Thracian Cleaners?

Because we are the best in what we do and we offer:

  • Reasonable prices
  • 100% professionalism
  • Exceptionally high- quality carpet cleaning
  • Antistatic Carpet Cleaning- and your winter problems with electronic devices will disappear!
  • Dry Carpet Treatment- perfect for delicate fabrics, less time- consuming
  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning- excellent choice for deep cleaning of your carpets or rugs
  • Safe cleaning materials
  • Zero percentage possibility of damaging or shrinkage of the carpet thanks to our special pre- tests
  • Treatment of synthetic, woollen, Turkish, Afghan, silk, cotton rugs, etc.

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Where Can I Use Your Services?

If you live outside Sydenham SE26, you can check for our carpet cleaning services in the following neighbourhood districts:


Thracian Cleaners Will Provide the Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Sydenham SE26. Call Us Now on 020 7060 3805 !


Positive Feedbacks

“I was desperate because I had to move out on the next day and my carpets were in horrible condition. Thracian Cleaners saved me and my carpets! Such professionalism, such devotion and attention to customers! I recommend!”- Nick H.- Sydenham SE26

“I was moving out of my rented flat and hired these guys to clean the carpets, rugs and upholstery in Sydenham. After the service even my landlord couldn’t recognise his own carpets! They were spotless, healthy and smelling nice.”- Jenna F., SE26

“I am not easily impressed when it comes to cleaning, as I can say I am a perfect housewife. But Thracian Cleaners truly amazed me. My husband and I were beyond pleased!  Our carpet in the living room had heavy stains most of them from our dog. The house is generally a mess, as we are working full- time. The carpet cleaner Thracian Cleaners has sent me treated our home with respect and was patient enough to explain us everything. A few weeks later we decided to book a domestic cleaning on a regular basis and it is also flawless and professional!”- Maggie- Sydenham SE26, London


Something More About Sydenham SE26

Did you know that the famous singer and actress Connie Fisher used to live in Sydenham? Some other famous residents of this district were/are: Jason Statham- actor, Bill Wyman- member of The Rolling Stones, Eleanor Marx- daughter of Karl Marx, W. G. Grace- England’s greatest cricketer, and others.