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Our carpet technicians are excellent trained and really professional. Call 020 7060 3805 and see for yourself! We guarantee you will save not only time but also money!

carpet cleaning in South Norwood SE25

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*Please note there is a minimum of £50.00. For more information please contact our office.

South Norwood Carpet Cleaners- Offering The Best!

  • Dry carpet cleaning- suitable for delicate fabrics such as Natural fibre carpets. Perfect choice if you are short of time or you simply don’t have the patience to wait until your carpet is dry. And your carpets will be also deodorized, fresh and healthy!
  • HWE (How Water Extraction Method)- preferred and recommended by our carpet cleaning technicians in South Norwood. The best option, if you want a deep clean for your carpet. All our detergents are eco- friendly and harmless to your family.
  •  Antistatic carpet treatment- perfect for properties with air conditioners and thick carpets. Get rid of the static electricity during the winter and call us now! We will save your electrical appliances!
  • Carpet hovering using professional equipment
  • Scotchguard protection
  • Spot & Stain removal
  • Persian rug treatment
  • Etc.

2 carpet cleaning in South Norwood SE25

If I don’t live in South Norwood SE25?

No worries! We cover also the neighbourhood areas:


Choose Thracian Cleaners on 020 7060 3805 and Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning in South Norwood SE25!


Carpet Cleaners in SE25 – Testimonials

“All the stains are gone now! Both the carpet technicians and the customer service were very polite, efficient and professional. I do recommend!” – Jane R., South Norwood SE25

“I can’t believe they managed to clean my 3-seater sofa. It was so dirty, had so many stains. But these people made all greasy spots and all the dirt to disappear. And the price was so reasonable. I think I won’t use another company ever again!” – Ruth A., South Norwood, London

“These guys are terrific! It was a pleasure to deal with your employees, Cleaning Experts! Many thanks for the great job!” – Maggie G. from South Norwood

“This company understands what customer service truly means. They pay attention to each client. I am more than happy! My sofa looks brand new, my carpets are spotless! Highly recommended!” – Joshua Q., SE25 South Norwood


Anything Interesting in area?

Sure thing! You can take a look at some pubs, cafes and restaurants such as: The Albert Tavern, Belly Full, Sitar, The Gold Coast, etc. You can also visit the South Norwood Country Park which is home to wild flower meadows, visitors centre, a lake and wet land, cycle path and others.