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Thracian Cleaners has been in the cleaning business for years. We have mastered the carpet cleaning services to perfection. We also pay great attention to our employees’ training very seriously. And the results are unexceptionable, high- qualified staff, services done beyond reproach!

Our company provides a wide range of carpet, rug, upholstery and mattress cleaning services to commercial and residential clients within the M25 area and outside, also to a vast range of business sectors.

Our teams are fully equipped, hard- working and highly professional and they will not betray your trust!


Cleaning Carpet Prices We Offer


*Please note there is a minimum of £50.00. For more information please contact our office.


Best Carpet Cleaning Services in South Tottenham N15!

  • Special deep carpet fibre treatment known as HWE (Hot Water Extraction). In contrast to the Steam Cleaning, the HWE uses not steam but hot water with powerful detergents. This method is aggressive to all bacteria, dirt and stains but at the same time it’s harmless to the carpet fibres and colours.
  • If your carpet is not suitable for Hot Water Extraction, we recommend the more gentle Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Antistatic treatment is suitable for all- type carpets and rugs
  • Spot and stain pre- spraying and special treatment
  • Upholstered furniture and mattress deep cleaning
  • Persian, Turkish, woollen, Afghan, cotton rugs, Chinese silks, Baluch Prayer Rugs, French Aubussons, Nepalese wool rugs and other rugs special deep cleaning and dry cleaning

And all this for both your home and office!


Clean Carpets- List of Areas We Cover


Call Thracian Cleaners on 020 7060 3805 and Find Out More About Our Completely Free, No- Commitment Quote and Carpet Cleaning South Tottenham N15 London!

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Testimonials- Cleaning Carpets in South Tottenham

“I had forgotten that my sofa was creamy once. After Thracian Cleaners’ visit the colours of my carpets and sofa were as bright as in the day I bought all this. Thank you!”- Rupert F., South Tottenham N15

“I usually don’t trust anyone to even touch my Natural fibre carpets, Persian rugs and antique chairs. But I can say Thracian Cleaners has really proven itself as a reliable and trustworthy cleaning company. you’ve proven yourselves to the best, guys! Both your company and the carpet technician have always been so polite to me and my family and the carpet cleaner V.  does an amazing job every time I call them for a carpet cleaning. I am deeply impressed!”- Mr. Williams- South Tottenham N15, London

“I just want to thank Thracian Cleaners for the great carpet cleaning service they provided for me yesterday. I booked both a professional EOT and HWE deep carpet cleaning for my home in South Tottenham. The service was beyond reproach. Excellent job, guys!”- Mina K., South Tottehnam, London