Thracian Cleaners And Our Carpet Cleaning in Upper Holloway N19 London

Book us and you will have no regrets! Apart from other cleaning companies, we do care about our customers, their safety and satisfaction. That is why all our cleaners and teams are highly trained, police checked and vetted. We will never send a stranger to your home. We will treat your property with respect and do our best to make you happy.

After we finish the carpet cleaning service, your rugs and carpets will be spotless, clean and healthy. No bacteria, no grime, no dirt. We will even get rid of the bed mites!

Call us now and you will receive an instant and no- obligation quote. Our carpet technicians will choose just the right cleaning method for your precious carpets!


Our Upper Holloway Cleaning Carpet Prices


*Please note there is a minimum of £50.00. For more information please contact our office on 020 7060 3805.


For A Competitive Rate, We Can Provide You With:

  • Professional hovering
  • Special treatment for stains and spots, including pet urine, blood, ink, etc.
  • Professional Hot Water Extraction in Upper Holloway N19
  • Professional Dry Cleaning for carpets and rugs- when HWE is not the right cleaning method for your carpet fibres
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Deodorizing and refreshing your carpets and rugs
  • Etc.

When booking our carpet cleaning services, you will NOT get:

  • Carpet discolouration
  • Shrinkage
  • Mess and more problems
  • Unpunctuality and rude behaviour


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Book Our Carpet Cleaning in Upper Holloway N19 London on 020 7060 3805! Thracian Cleaners Is The Best Thing That Will Happen To Your Carpets.


Customer Feedbacks and References

“When I book carpet cleaning, I am willing to pay a lot of money because my rugs and carpets are not only expensive, but also a family heritage. That is why I choose the cleaning companies very precisely and carefully. A few months ago the name Thracian Cleaners was something new to me but I decided to give them a try. I have no regrets at all. These people proved me wrong- that the things we don’t know and haven’t heard of are not always bad. I think I will use them in future as well, as they did a magnificent job and now my carpets are spotless. Thank you.”- Mr Sukovski, Upper Holloway N19

“Great job! I can really see the difference now! You have done a lovely job on my bedroom creamy carpet. Thanks!”- Mika R., Upper Holloway N19

“I didn’t think those stains would come out. Thank you, Thracian Cleaners , for the superb job you did on my carpets and rugs!”- Mr Chen, living in Upper Holloway N19