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Our Upper Norwood SE19 Carpet Cleaning Price List



Rug small

Rug large



Single Bedroom

Double Bedroom



Living room

Dining room














*Please note there is a minimum of £50.00. For more information please contact our office.

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Spotless Reputation, Spotless Carpets!

And you also get:

  • All- type rug cleaning
  • Anti- stat carpet cleaning
  • Stain & Spot treatment & removal
  • Pet urine carpet stain removal
  • Deodorizing and refreshing your carpet/ rug
  • Hot water extraction method
  • Dry carpet treatment
  • Special pre- tests to prevent colour mixing/ discolouration of the texture
  • Etc.


Areas Around Upper Norwood SE19

Our carpet technicians know what they are doing and they are doing an excellent job! Call Thracian Cleaners on 020 7060 3805 and book our Carpet Cleaning Services in Upper Norwood SE19!

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“Thracian Cleaners have met up my expectations for sure! They maintain really high standard, they are also reliable and very experienced. For 3 years, they’ve never let me down, even on contrary- each time they provide me with better carpet cleaning services.”- Tim Gordon, SE19, London

“They have the best staff ever! So polite, helpful and professional! My carpets are now spotless, my sofa is refreshed. I strongly recommend Maids of London!”- Michael F., Upper Norwood SE19

“An excellent EOT and a spotless upholstery cleaning service. My carpets look great, too. Will use Maids of London’s cleaning services again.”- Omar, Upper Norwood SE19 2UG

“For years I’ve been trying different cleaning companies. They all turned out to be totally unreliable and not at all trustworthy. Thracian Cleaners is completely another thing. They are always helpful and manage to schedule an appointment even with a short notice. Dimitar is such kind person and he treats our home with respect. The job he does is truly helpful and efficient.”- Jack P., Upper Norwood SE19

Basic Information About Upper Norwood SE19

Some notable people lived in Upper Norwood SE19 are: Edward Elgar- composer, Sir John Ninian Comper- amazing architect famous with his Gothic Revival buildings; Simon Friend (from the Levellers), Marie Stopes- opened the 1st birth control clinic in UK.

You can visit the notorious Upper Norwood Joint Library designed by Edward Haselhurst and opened in 1990. Today it’s more than 100 years old.