Don’t panic, if your kids stain the new carpet! We shall take care instantly! Here is a list of our carpet cleaning services:

  • Dry carpet cleaning
  • Hot water extraction
  • Spot and stain removal
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Rug cleaning

The excellent services we provide come at highly competitive cost!


  • Single bedroom   £20.00
  • Double bedroom   £25.00
  • Hallway    £15.00
  • Staircase (up to 12 steps)    £18.00
  • Landing    £6.00
  • Bathroom    £5.00
  • Rug (small)    £15.00
  • Rug (large)   £25.00

Congestion charge and parking fees may apply.

For more in formation, call 020 7060 3805 and book our service.

carpet-cleaningHow We Can Help

By the time we finish with the thorough cleaning of your carpet it will start looking as new, bright, clean and fresh! No more dull colours and dust accumulated deeply in the texture. We can remove all the dirt and grime and you will enjoy your beautiful, clean carpet and a healthy environment at home. The quality of air will increase immediately, because dust mites, which thrive in the dust, will not have the perfect environment to grow. This immediately lowers the risk of respiratory problems or allergic reactions, connected to unpleasant sensations, such as itchy eyes, running nose, etc.

We use only eco-friendly detergent and the latest equipment in the carpet cleaning sphere. All cleaning products are bio-degradable and harmless.

As members of the NCCA we insist on absolute safety, as well as highest quality and reliability!

We are available during the whole week. Our carpet cleaning technicians are at your service on weekends, too. Do not hesitate to call us!

What areas:

We can be found in Waterloo and all London areas, including and the neighbouring areas:

  • Camberwell SE5
  • Greenwich SE10
  • New Cross SE14
  • Dulwich SE21