Do you think your furniture needs changing more frequently than you can actually afford to? Are there some stains on your curtains, sofas, and mattresses, which you can’t remove by yourselves no matter how hard you scrub them? Why replacing the furniture you have paid so much about, when you can actually chose the better, the easier, and last, but not least – the cheaper way, which will save you both time and money?

Choose our cleaning company to be sure that all your furniture will receive the most careful and appropriate attention, which will seriously extend the life of your sofas and mattresses and restore the fabric’s colours, brightness and beauty of all of the curtains and damasks. We work only with highly-motivated and fully trained staff, and we use only the best cleaning products possible, which guarantees you excellent cleaning results.

Our friendly and hard-working employees are real upholstery cleaning magicians, who will make miracles with your upholstery furniture and curtains. Leave the deep and thorough cleaning to us and you will be happy to find out that the money you have invested in our service are utilized in the best way possible, because the difference between “now” and “then” will be more than astonishing for you and your family.