I have never been much into doing the domestic cleaning, but since I booked Thracian Cleaners I don’t need to worry about it anymore. These guys are real house cleaning magicians and they actually did wonders about my home!”

– Heather Wilson, Camden Town


“I still can’t believe that using the Thracian Cleaners’ services really helped for improving our office environment and made our office a better place to work in. Finding a reliable cleaning company is not as easy as you think. That is the reason why I choose Thracian Cleaners.”

– Andrew Stephenson, West End


“I still can’t really afford buying my own apartment and that is why I am forced to live in lodging for rent. And since I am not quite aware of the whole end-of-tenancy thing, I booked Thracian Cleaners who managed to clean the whole place up in a blink of an eye and it also wasn’t expensive at all. They did so great, that I wish I could have stayed in my former apartment…”

– Elizabeth Thompson, Notting Hill


“The job that these professionals did to all the carpets and rugs at home is more than great. It won’t be too much if I say that Thracian Cleaners gave a new life to my carpets. All the stains have vanished and the colours are as bright as if it was just bought yesterday!”

– Gregory Clarke, Islington


“The windows at home and in the office look bright and shining thanks to the efforts and professional care of Thracian Cleaners. Thank you, guys, you are really great!”

– Ronnie Parker, Wimbledon