Find out how to Make Your Home a Cleaner Place of Living Part Two:

1.            Clean the door handles, grills, etc. with vinegar. Add some vinegar to a bucket of water – the amounts of both liquids have to be equal and the temperature of the water – hot. Rub the metal surface you want to clean with a cloth soaked in the mixture and leave it like this for a few minutes. Rinse with clean water and repeat if necessary. Do not apply vinegar on marble surfaces.

2.            If you get a grease stain the best thing to do is to act fast. First thing to do is apply a lot of salt on the spot to absorb the grease.

3.            If you want to revitalize a vase of dying flowers, all you have to do is add a table spoon of soft cleaning product.

4.            Clean and sanitize all the sinks – they are probably among the dirtiest places in your home.

5.            Polish any shiny surface – this way your home will sparkle and look prettier.

6.            Wipe off the bulkheads, frames and other small objects – as hard as it might be for some of you to believe it, even the smallest things can impress and they should be clean to do so.

7.            You can use leftover Styrofoam for the bottom of your flower pots.

8.            If your drawers tend to stick and not want to come out easily, apply a little bit of liquid soap to the rail to make them slide smoothly.

9.            Unpleasant odours in boxes can be easily removed with a mixture of vinegar and water (equal amounts of both). You can spray the same mixture over a hot cooker to get rid of the smell.

10.          Wash and dry the stains from the bathroom surfaces. Although it is just water, stains from water drops can spoil the otherwise good look of the room.

11.          Wash the floors with cleaning products and sanitizers in order to protect your feet from infections.

12.          Vacuuming your hardwood floors is not enough. What you have to do is get yourself the appropriate cleaning product and use it at least once a week.

13.          Try the stain removing cleaning product on the inside of the piece of clothing you want to clean to see if it will affect the colour of the fabric. Do that before you use the cleaner on the rest of the cloth.

14.          When you are cleaning your fireplace, there is always a cloud of ashes that rises and ends up all over the place. A good way to avoid that is to spray the fireplace with a little bit of water. Create a fog that will make the ashes sticky. Then just wipe it off.

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