Thracian Cleaners offers the following office cleaning services of the following office areas:

Office areas

  • Desk and furniture surfaces dusted
  • Window sills and skirting boards dusted
  • Carpets vacuumed / hard floors swept and damp mopped
  • Waste paper bins emptied and relined
  • Rubbish put in refuse sacks and taken to rubbish collection point


Kitchen area

  • Surfaces cleaned
  • Wipe down all tiles
  • Exterior of kitchen appliances cleaned
  • Microwave cleaned inside
  • Floors swept and vacuumed (mopped once a week)
  • Mugs and cups collected, washed and stored in cupboard
  • Rubbish put in refuse sacks and taken to rubbish collection point



  • Wipe down all tiles
  • Mop and sanitise floors
  • Clean and disinfect toilets
  • Clean and disinfect sinks
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Empty, clean and reline bins



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office-shoreditchHow We Can Help

Your developing new business needs regular office cleaning services? Or perhaps you are not happy with the quality of performance of your present cleaning service provider? In this case you should strongly consider the Thracian Cleaners office cleaning offer!

We have been among the leading office cleaning companies in London in recent years and we have worked for some of the leading corporate giants in the city. At the same time we have also worked many small offices, offering them the same quality and attention. What is the key to such a successful versatility?

Our tailor-made approach, that helps us adjust to the peculiarities of every single specific case. A Thracian Cleaners representative meets with you and works out the details of the package you need – you choose the services you require and the regularity of our visits. We will guide you to the best choice and then take care of all the technical details. Once you book the Thracian Cleaners office cleaning service package, you won’t have to worry about a thing, related to sanitary conditions and hygiene at your working place!

What Area

If you don’t live in Shoreditch, bear in mind that we operate also in:

  • Bishopsgate EC2
  • Fenchurch Street EC3
  • Bethnal Green E2
  • Bow E3
  • Chingford E4
  • Rotherhithe SE16
  • Bermondsey SE1.


Local Shoreditch Info

In recent years Shoreditch has become one of the liveliest areas of London, an important business centre and a lively residential area, with many pubs, theatres and music halls.

The fame of Shoreditch was widespread during the Elizabethan age, when The Curtain Theatre and The Theatre rivaled The Globe. Richard Burbage, who was one of the leading actors of the age and took part in many Shakespeare plays, lived here. Christopher Marlow, the great friend and playwright rival of Shakespeare also lived and worked in Shoreditch, which made the area one of the most important centres of culture in 16th century London.Shoreditch-thracian

This heritage is somehow preserved in the annual Shoreditch festival – a great cultural venue that features live music, art workshops and cultural performances.

The modern, more formal and urban atmosphere of Shoreditch is underlined by the headquarters of some of the biggest IT corporations, who have moved their offices here.